“Whatever there is of God and
goodness in the universe, it
must work itself out and
express itself
through us” * Albert Einstein*

  • 1. How Old is the organisation
        AGNI was Registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 in the year 2004
  • 2. Who manages the Organisation
         AGNI is managed by a Board of Trustees .The Operations are handled by Head Operations . Other areas are
         handled by a Think Tank who are Senior Professionals from all spheres of life & give their tutelage & guidance as &
         when required for the welfare of the society on voluntary basis.
  • 3. Is AGNI recognised under Income Tax Act
         AGNI has been filing IT return and getting it’s account audited every year since inception. AGNI has approval
         under Section 12( A) of the Income Tax Act. AGNI had sec 80G recognition for the last 5 years (and for the FY
         12-14 the renewal process should be completed shortly)
  • 4. What are the ways one can support AGNI
         • You can support AGNI by Donations .
         • You can devote time and your professional expertise for our operations
         • You can be a member and voice your thinking and implement a Social Project with your thought which will
            invoke a positive fillip to members of the society
         • You can also help us in sponsoring any of our projects or any new ventures
  • 5. How does AGNI generates it’s cost of operations
         AGNI spends all the money received as donations for Projects for which donations have been given. The
         organisation cost is borne by Trustees or Members who wish to donate for the organisation or donations received
         for  the organisation itself from well wishers and others . As a Policy, Project Specific Donations are always spent
         fully on the Project and AGNI maintains fully transparency.A Fund Utilisation Report/Project Report/Annual Report
         are also available
  • 6. How do I donate
         Donations in Cash/Cheque/Drafts can be deposited in any Bank in India with our Account No. Our Account No will
         be communicated to you once you get in touch with us.Receipts will be issued by our office after realisations of
         the cheque and credit to our account and will be mailed at you address within 7(seven) clear working days.For
         Donations in Kind  please let us know what you want to donate our people will go to our place after prior
         appointment and collect it   and also acknowledge the receipt of the same. Get in touch with us through our
         24X7 Mobile no or mail us at   ngo_agni@rediffmail.com or fill the feed back form in the website and we will get
         back to you immediately.
  • 7. How can it Track my donation
         After donation is received by us you will be issued a receipt and also added to the mailing list of the Project you
         have donated.All updates regarding that Project will be sent to you by email and hard copy to your address .If
         you request for a CD , it will be sent to you . If you want to see yourself the usage of your donation you
         are most welcome.AGNI will arrange for your visit to the beneficiary. AGNI as a part of it’s inherent ethics always
         maintains full transparency of all donations.
  • 8. Do I need to register before making a donation
         No you need not get yourself registered for making a Donation.Only if you want to become a Member you may
         get registered with us.
  • 9. What is the role of Members in AGNI
         Members are privileged Members of A Pool of Think Tank, which regularly participates in functioning of AGNI.Thier
         Views are always considered by the Board of Trustees and Head of Operations and time to time meeting are
         organised for the purpose. Members also as per their expertise are given different areas of responsibility as per
         requirements of the organisation. In Projects also members who are willing to participate are included in the team
         constituted for implementing and organising the project
  • 10. How to become a Member
         To become a member you have to fill a membership form available in the website and send it/call us/
         mail us. Membership fees have been kept at INR 1000 per annum which is utilised in Projects or organisational
         requirements.Every Member is given an unique identification no & can get back to us through our Feedback
         Form. An Annual Report & Invitation is sent to each Member of the Think Tank @ the end of the year & at every
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