“Whatever there is of God and
goodness in the universe, it
must work itself out and
express itself
through us” * Albert Einstein*



AGNI functions as a Team ,with all Team Members functioning voluntarily according to their time, capacity and abilities. AGNI takes final view only after taking into every input from member/well-wisher/volunteers ie our Full AGNI TEAM.. We have Members from diverse professional background the Juniormost member being less than 15 yrs old and the seniormost being 79 years old reflecting that AGNI reflects the diversity in generations ,all focussed MEMBERSHIP FEES IS @ INR 1000 PER ANNUM ONLY Members are expected to involve themselves from time to time in core & non-core affairs of AGNI , as it’s Family Paraphrasing Members are expected to make their valued, expert & active cooperation in the areas like :

  • Members are part of THINK TANK who would be actively consulted .
  • Members will be kept informed of all the projects and activities of AGNI.
  • Members can also be given responsibilities in his or her domain expertise in executing any Projects &/Or other activities.
  • Members can participate in every brain-storming meetings of AGNI.

For further quieries/assistance please reach us   Ngo_agni@rediffmail.com


Membership Form is Attached here


You kindly send it to our address or send a Scanned copy to Ngo_agni@rediffmail.com along with membership fees to our address or hand it over to our Head Operations along with Membership Fees.


For any Queries regarding Membership may kindly mail :Ngo_agni@rediffmail.com/a>

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