“Whatever there is of God and
goodness in the universe, it
must work itself out and
express itself
through us” * Albert Einstein*


Vision/Aims & Goals To Be Reached

Agni believes every Indian has an ethical , consciencetious &a voluntarily responsibility to contribute to the upliftment(betterment) of the less fortunate people (by not remaining confined to talk shows, making donations as alms for their own pursuit of name,). AGNI believes that if every Indian who had been fortunate to achieve a good living contributes even a little, we can at least make a small difference in the lives of the people who are less fortunate & can help us bring smiles in myriad lives & free them from the cudgels of proverty & reduce the list of have nots. With this ethos AGNI was born which we believe most INDIANS feel from within These people have a forced dormant potential , which unfortunately remains unexplored.This would give a New Vibgyor Dawn to the next Gen, where discrimination of any nature would be alleviated & everybody would be given an equal opportunity. We believe that skills can be acquired but it is knowledge which is of paramount importance for any Country to Grow which needs to be imparted & we are confident of bringing Knowledge Centres in different parts of India handled by Selfless & Brilliant people contributing to the development & upliftment of deprived from different walks of life to make a better tomorrow,and thereby creating a Second Generation Developed India...

We Quote :-

“Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness.
It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” – UnQuote

Helen Keller.


The uniqueness of AGNI is that it derives it’s functioning and growth from a ever growing committed professionals who have felt an urge to do Something for Our motherland INDIA .We are a congregation of professionals who have volunteered themselves to redeem their experience & expertise for deserving have-nots , who till date were not able to do so for want of proper tutelage, resources, platform & guidance.

Who We Are

We are an ensemble of Qualified Professionals who from the first day had been honing on the idea of redeeming to the society, prima-facie focusing on children women & old who by no fault of theirs are shunned, deserted & neglected by the society, inspite of having enviable photons of talents have no choice but to suffer . We work under the selfless tutelage of Senior & Retired Professionals from Government Of India, Private Sectors, NRI’s et al ,to mention a few, who guide us in alleviating this misery of these set of people & children & standing beside them at the times of any natural disaster & /or personal peril. Our background has afforded us many "intangible" qualifications one can't learn from a book. Qualities such as resourcefulness, insight, adaptability, pride, and common sense are just a few; protocol including integrity, accountability, appropriateness, and a strong, honest work ethic. We are only communicating our dedication of our craft. Our professional creed includes:

  • Pride in the quality of any work, and a willingness to personally perform even the most menial tasks and get the job done.
  • Ability to envision how specific parts of the job should look and flow.
  • Skilled in building lasting relationships & standing beside them in times of their misery .
  • Excellent skills in guiding, motivating, training and mentoring other carpenters of the job.
  • To make India a Great Nation where a street child may go to honour the highest position of not only our Nation , but become Ambassadors of our Great Nation.

We know everybody are busy today, and have many targets to reach. Please let us know if you wish to further discuss your requirements and our ability to meet them. We would enjoy an opportunity to talk with you or someone in your organization to see where our skill set would be of the greatest benefit to the society, your organization & building a great nation India.

Board Of Trustees

  • The Above Board Functions On A Full Time Basis & other Members For Want Of Time & who Are Active Senior Professionals Are In Advisory/Consultant Capacities. All are on Honorary Basis.
  • To reach any of the Board Members/Advisors/Consultants you can mail at @ ngo_agni@rediffmail.com


As decided & deliberated by our Board Of Trustees ,Think Tank of Members & Advisors On The Board, to streamline AGNI’s operations , we are pleased to appoint a Senior Corporate Management Executive having 21+ years of experience in India/Overseas in Corporates/Education Sector/Management Consultancy of repute as Head operations to Board of Trustees on full time basis.
He can be reached @ : headoperations_sen@agni.net.in & On Any Emergency/Queries/Assistance 24*7 @ +919836076969.


Special Information: AGNI Is Not affliated to any Political/Religious/ Apolitical/Or Otherwise with any organisation In Any Capacity What so ever & /Or Otherwise, & any individual/organization(s)/representative dealing & /or getting into any alliance with any individual/person/organisation, without checking it’s veracity would be the sole responsibility of the concerned & AGNI is not responsible for such acts what so ever ab-initio.

AGNI is a Registered Trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882 & maintains transperancy with respect to every proviso laid down in the Act.

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