“Whatever there is of God and
goodness in the universe, it
must work itself out and
express itself
through us” * Albert Einstein*




September 2004Ultadanga KolkataAGNI in association with UNITED CLUB organised Blood Donation and Awareness Camp on 26th Sept 2004.The Camp was preceded by an awareness write up being circulated among the local population.
The Camp started at around 10 am and continued till 3pm.in which around 60 people donated Blood. As means of encouraging such act, a token gift was also distributed among the donors.


Nov 2004Midnapore near HaldiaAGNI in its endeavour to assist the Blind school children of the Vivekananda Mission Ashram in Midnapore has donated a computer for the blind students, which has been of great boost to the efforts made by the Ashram and was also well appreciated by all.

BRAILLE EMBROSER on March 2007 towards Vocational training.


April 2005Kovalam Kuppam Tsunami Relief Camp near chennaiAGNI as an organization was just 5 months old when the devastation stuck and had been getting requests of standing besides those who had lost every thing in NATURE’S FURY.

AGNI believes that we INDIANS owe a responsibility to stand besides our brothers and sisters in their days of Plight.


I) Two trenchers of medicines were donated to Bharat Sevasram Sangha who had been doing a yeoman service to Tsunami affected populace

II) AGNI members Shri Satyashis Sanyal and Mrs Gargi Sen took the responsibility to stay by the side of the victims and were the main coordinators for the Project at Chennai for AGNI. The AGNI Team there distributed 10 kilograms of rice and 2 kilograms of dal to all the 75 families. A Total of 750 kilograms of rice for 75 families. 150 kilograms of Toor dal (a type of dal frequently used by the local people for making sambar)was distributed on 3rd of April 2005, AGNI team members Satyashis and Gargi, Mr. Pandian, Mrs. Pandian, Roselyn Pandian

(daughter) and Diwaker Pandian (son) implemented the project Kovalam Kuppam Tsunami Relief Camp


Oct 2004Free Health Camp for Tribals (village Simhat, Nadia) 1ST HEALTH CAMP 252 Tribal villagers were treated FREE/Blood Test and ECG done for 100 odd villagers. Free medicines were also distributed. The team comprised of 5 doctors (1Cardiologist/1-Gyanecologist) 3 trained nurses, 3 technicians and one Pharmacist assisted by 25 volunteers.


Jan 2005
2ND HEALTH CAMP The second camp was held on 9th Jan 05. 380 patients were treated FREE with FREE medicines given). 150 villagers had their eye checked and FREE spectacles were given to 55 of them. 55 ECG was done for FREE. Almost all the villagers who attended the camp were checked for Blood Pressure and Blood Group Identification done. There were a team of 10 doctors including specialists for Gynaecology, Ophthalmology and Dermatology. The specialists were arranged as per assessment of the requirement of the villages gained from our experience in the first camp.


June 2005
3RD HEALTH CAMP 5TH JUNE 2005 There were a team of 12 specialists doctors from different spheres of medicines. The specialists were arranged as per assessment of the requirement of the villagers gained from our experience in the previous camps. Arrangements for eye check up and ECG were made as in our earlier camps. FREE service to 230 odd villagers. 30 Volunteers of AGNI and Kolkata Periye assisted and coordinated the whole effort. This Project of AGNI was undertaken in association with a group called KOLKATA PERIYE.


AGNI in Satjelia Village Sunderban West Bengal India


Jan 2008SatjElia Village Sunderbans27th Jan 08 morning the Project was kicked off in a primary school building in the village,. AGNI Team was split into 2 units one looking after the distribution of 125 odd blankets and the other looking after the distribution of 170 sarees and garments. As the list was finalised much before hand the distribution went off smoothly. Blankets were primarily given to widows and beneficiaries above 60 yrs .The programme ended around 10.30 am with more than 250 beneficiaries


DEC 2008Educational aids provided to 297 school children Dec 2008. 649 students of Class I to IV of the four schools.

I. Satjelia Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya
II. Mitrabari Saraswati Smriti Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya
III. Emlibari Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya
IV. Emlibari No 2 Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya

Were provided Educational Aids like School Bag,Stationery,etc and 24 sets of Geometry boxes were given to the schools as they had none for assisting educational pursuits of the children of the village were even electricity have not reached yet .


May 2009AILA RELIEF The cyclone Aila came quite suddenly on 25th May 2009 at 12.30 PM and heavy rainfall lasted for 48 hrs Acute shortage of drinking water forced the villagers to drink the contaminated water and AGNI sensing the possibility of outbreak of waterborne diseases specially among children took the measure. Agni Team with its limited resources stood by the side of the affected village and as a initial effort send 1000 packets of ORS as initial relief


OCT 2009Raincoats provided for 654 school children and 370mosquito nets for AILA victims in Oct 2009


JUNE 2010Distribution of 289 Kerosene Lanterns to Primary school children in June 2010



LOCATION--“Cancer Centre Welfare Home & Research Institute(CCWH&RI)”, one of Asia’s dedicated Pediatric Cancer Centre at Kolkata, INDIA.


September 2011

We also celebrated the event with Palliative Patients-(Pain Management)-Terminal Cases of Cancer.

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